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The guitars behind Gitbox Rebellion

27 Feb 2021
The guitars behind Gitbox Rebellion
Get to know the sound behind Gitbox Rebellion

Get to know the sound behind Gitbox Rebellion

Honouring the beautiful character of acoustic guitar, Gitbox Rebellion’s exuberant blend of jazz, rock, folk and classical will have you in sonic raptures.

We caught up with band members Nigel Gavin, Kim Halliday, Russell Hughes, Rob Mita, Sonia Wilson, Doug Robertson and Sam Loveridge, to meet their guitars and find out what makes them sound so incredible.  

Gitbox Rebellion play Warkworth Town Hall on Sun 7 March, 4.00pm and The Civic Club on Sun 14 March, 4.00pm.

Buy tickets for both shows HERE.


Kim Halliday

This is Kim Halliday's guitar. This beautiful instrument is the Taylor, 2009, Limited Fall Edition, with a maple back and sides with the Hawaiian Koa Wood as a binding. 

This Taylor guitar combines electric and acoustic pickups which allows Kim to swiftly switch between sounds.

According to Kim, it's an "amazing guitar to play and my go-to guitar out of the nine guitars I have". 


Rob Mita

This is Rob's go-to guitar. The reason why? He says he loves the resonance, tone and sustain. 


Sam Loveridge

Sam plays a Taylor, GA-7. He loves this guitar due to the huge bass sound it produces. 

Not only is great for live performances, but the Taylor guitar also produces a smooth and versatile sound that is great for recording. 


Sonia Wilson 

Sonia plays a Grand Auditorium 214ce, Taylor guitar with a Venetian cutaway. 

"I love this guitar’s size, aesthetics, tone and versatility – when I chose her in a music shop in late May 2020 I felt an immediate resonance and comfort while playing that I didn’t experience with any of the other guitars."

Sonia loves that the guitar lends itself well to all of her musical projects, as it sounds beautiful both in an ensemble and as a solo voice for her to sing along to.


Russell Hughes

Russell plays a Taylor 612ce. Russell describes that it was love at first sight when he brought this beautiful guitar, but does admit he has a wandering eye. He is "thinking of trading her in" for a younger model, or maybe something older! Scandalous! 


Doug Robertson

Doug plays a beautiful Eastman PCH1-GACE guitar. 

According to Doug, "It's balanced, bulletproof and has big bang-for-buck! It has a fast neck, fantastic fretwork, and a stellar sound plugged in or unplugged. The sturdiness and low price make it a great guitar to tour with."

Doug loves this guitar because he can be as rough and risky as he wants with it, and it still rings like a bell and stays in tune.


Nigel Gavin

This is Nigel's amazing-looking guitar. Nigel liked this guitar immediately as it had a great sound and feel at first touch.


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