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Viewing Window: All day on Monday 14 March

Price: $5 per student, please enquire via

Suitability: Years 12-13 (Secondary School Seniors)

Curriculum Links: Drama, English

Why God chose me to save the world is a f*****g mystery.” — Noah (of the Ark)

Right and wrong. Good and bad. Black and white. When the human condition is a grey area that craves absolutes, how can the truth be trusted?

Sit back, and don’t relax, as this new play from Nightsong – the creators of award-winning show Te Pō – takes you for a wickedly funny, suspenseful, and unpredictable ride. Through perspective shifting set design, puppetry, and extraordinary questioning, bear witness as a living nightmare unravels. A gripping tale from start to finish, A Stab in the Dark is theatre anyone would kill to see.

Contains strong language, violent themes, smoke/haze and nudity

Education Pack

After watching A Stab in the Dark, download their informative Education Pack, which includes Q&A’s with the cast and crew, question prompts, activities for your students and even some exercises in puppetry! 

My Life As A….

Meet Joel Tobeck, the leading actor in A Stab in the Dark. In this bite-sized video, he discusses his work, creative process and passes on top tips for aspiring artists.

Watch More Artist Q&A Videos

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School tickets $5/Student


Viewing Window: All day on Monday 14 March 



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  • Carl Bland
  • Ben Crowder & Carl Bland
Set Design
  • Andrew Foster
Costume Design
  • Elizabeth Whiting
Music Composer / Sound Designer
  • John Gibson
Lighting & Projection Design
  • Filament Eleven 11
Director of Photography
  • Ralph Brown
Puppet Design & Creation
  • Jon Coddington
Production Management
  • Pilot Productions
Stage Manager
  • Keira Howat
  • Joel Tobeck
  • Alison Bruce
  • Jon Coddington
  • Milo Cawthorne


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